The following section contains information from a silly source and is not canon.

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The following section contains information from the Warcraft series and is not canon.

Murlok SC2 Art1

Amphibious humanoid fish-like creatures



Murloks (a.k.a. murlocs) are a vicious aquatic species, originating from the world of Azeroth.[1] They are notably the only (sapient) species that the zerg refuse to infest.[2]

At least one murlok was seen accompanying a tauren marine, but it was unclear to observers whether the creature was a mascot or mercenary.[1]

Murlok technology includes trans-dimensional puddle-jumpers.[2] They have been seen wielding gauss[3] and energy weaponry[1] as well.

Known MurloksEdit


The murlok are taken directly from the race of murlocs (with a slight change in name) in StarCrafts counterpart universe of Warcraft.


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