Nagglfar was a supercarrier.


Nagglfar was the first of the supercarriers. At Doran Routhe's private laboratories on Earth, it was loaded with thousands of United Powers League prisoners and enough supplies, rations and hardware to aid them once they arrived at their destination.[1]

The ATLAS was installed into Nagglfar and it was launched toward Gantris VI. At some point during the voyage the navigation systems linked to ATLAS shut down, erasing the coordinates of Gantris VI and Earth and causing Nagglfar to barrel blindly through warp space for twenty-eight years until its warp-drive engines reached critical meltdown.[1]

Nagglfar emerged into real space in the Koprulu sector. With its engines destroyed and its life-support batteries nearly exhausted, Nagglfar engaged its emergency protocols and landed on Tarsonis. The 'cold sleep' chambers were then deactivated and the passengers slowly awakened. In an attempt to find refuge in their new surroundings, they stripped Nagglfar of essential materials.[1] The Tarsonis Police Force's headquarters, and its southwestern district HQ, in Tarsonis City were built from the supercarrier's hull. The latter had not been replaced by a new structure by the Great War.[2]


Naglfar is a warship in Norse mythology constructed from the fingernails and toenails of the dead. It ferries giants during Ragnarök.


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