Nahaan is the leader of the Ara Tribe and member of the Hierarchy.

He spent most of his time away from Shakuras, as he disliked it, and his politics were opposed to that of Artanis, often antagonizing him. He believed the Hierarchy was too fractious and inefficient.[1]


Vouch for LeadershipEdit

"This Hierarchy is failing. It needs a leader to succeed. This stalemate is but further proof of that."
"Then I will be this leader!"
"You would ruin us all, Nahaan. I would submit myself for this position."

- Zekrath, Nahaan, and Urun play politics(src)

NahaanTabrenus SC-A-S Comic1

Nahaan awaits Artanis's decision

In the early days of the Hierarchy, the group was dysfunctional, reaching one impasse after another. One such impasse was the allocation of resources towards the Great Fleet. In light of the inability to reach consensus, Zekrath suggested that the Hierarchy needed a leader. Nahaan immediately declared that he would be the group's leader, only for Urun to declare that Nahaan would "ruin us all." And that he would be the group's leader. Eventually, Artanis became the agreed-upon candidate, yet he refused, as he intended to leave the Hierarchy within a cycle and return to his life as a warrior. The body agreed to reconvene the following day to see if Artanis had reconsidered. Nahaan threatened that he would withdraw his support for the Hierarchy if Artanis did not take up the mantle of hierarch.

It did not come to pass however, as Artanis agreed to be the group's leader, and through it, the Daelaam.[2]


In 2503,[3] Nahaan traveled to Shakuras when the Hierarchy was summoned to discuss locating Zamara, a missing preserver. There were none on Shakuras.

The news was brought by a terran female, Rosemary Dahl. Zamara had been trapped within the brain of her terran friend, Jake Ramsey, and they had been lost while traveling via warp gate from Aiur to Shakuras.

Nahaan claimed he would pay attention to Dahl's plight, but was unwilling to support any retrieval attempts and believed her opinions shouldn't count in the debate. He speculated that Zamara may have gone mad. When Artanis proposed mounting a rescue mission for Zamara without knowing exactly where she was, Nahaan antagonized Artanis, putting his plan into question. However, Dark Prelate Mohandar revealed a possible location they may have headed to: the secret Nerazim shrine of Alys'aril.[1]


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