"I can work in someone else’s playground, and enjoy it. I can complete a project pretty far outside my normal comfort zone, and be happy with the result."

- Nate Kenyon(src)

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Nate Kenyon

Nate Kenyon is a science fiction and horror author.


Kenyon was chosen to write StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, which had originally been penned by Keith R. A. DeCandido.[1] An editor at Pocket Books had read one of Kenyon's books—Prime—and asked Kenyon's agent if he would be interested in writing for Blizzard. While not a gamer, Kenyon accepted the challenge.[2] In order to further prepare himself for the novel, Kenyon read past StarCraft novels, browsed wiki sites and brainstormed with Blizzard's creative development team. The original characters he developed for the novel were given Blizzard's blessing.[3]

He has also written for Blizzard's Diablo series.


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