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Nathan's Pursuit is an Arcade map for StarCraft II, spotlighted by Blizzard Entertainment as part of its Rock the Cabinet series.


In the game, players take control of a zerg crew to control certain parts of their spaceship to increase its effectiveness. They must also chase after a human named Bill in an attempt to romance him.[1]


The map was designed by a four-person team, where each member focused on certain aspects. These were Narrative/Goals, Map/Level Flow, Gameplay/Innovation, and Playtesting/Training. Some crossover occurred between roles. It was submitted as the final assessment for Game Levels Design; a course conducted by the University of Queensland. There was a running joke in the team's class where every level should be "set in the unknown future on a spaceship." While trying to think of an unlikely game genre that would occur in this setting, the team had the idea of a dating simulator, but instead of playing a romantic underdog, the player would control a completely unlikeable and hideous alien. They then moved the idea over to the StarCraft universe. With the range of units available, they were able to commence development. The first level was designed over a period of six weeks.[1]


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