"Nemaka was a rock. A rock with no atmosphere. It wasn't even an interesting rock with no atmosphere."

Nemaka, a planet in or near the Koprulu Sector, is an uncolonized, airless and lifeless planet. It has a 200 kilometer wide crater visible from space.[1]


In the planet's past, Namaka was a habitable world, containing plant and animal life. However, thousands of years ago, a huge meteorite smashed into the planet, leaving the crater and blowing away the atmosphere. All life on the world was extinguished. At some point the planet became the location of a xel'naga temple, which housed an energy creature. The creature eventually was birthed from the temple, escaping the planet but leaving the temple behind.

Nemaka was discovered by terrans about eleven years before the Brood War.

Sometime after the Great War, a Preserver named Zamara crash landed on the planet after being pursued by the forces of Ulrezaj. Wounded and dying, she moved into the temple itself. Using the ara'dor, she figured out how to open and close a hidden door. Zamara wrote a message in blood near the hidden door: "My brothers or sisters who have come this far—within, a secret lies preserved. To enter, think as the Wanderers from Afar would. Think of perfection," then sealed herself within to preserve her life energy, hoping for rescue.

Archaeological InterestEdit

The temple had become inactive after the initial terran visit, which prompted Valerian Mengsk, son of Arcturus Mengsk and an archaeologist, to send archaeological expeditions to study the temple several years after the Brood War. Unfortunately, the first three missions failed to make headway, except for discovering a door inside the temple which they failed to access.

Jake Ramsey, leader of the last mission, theorized the temple had a similar function to the one found on Bhekar Ro. Ramsey discovered a secret within the temple. However, he became a fugitive rather than divulge the secrets to Valerian Mengsk, as he believed Mengsk had turned on him.[1]

Eventually the betrayal was explained to be the work of Arcturus Mengsk. Ramsey regaled the story of the temple to Valerian Mengsk.[2]


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