Nerazim transports are personal vessels used by Nerazim civilians. They have a sleek appearance, and can be used both in atmosphere and in space. Nerazim transports have the ability to navigate through warp conduits.[1]

Prior to the launch of the Golden Armada, a Nerazim transport collided with a squadron of phoenixes, resulting in twenty-seven Nerazim deaths. This inflamed tensions between the Nerazim and Khalai, and after Hierarch Artanis forwent visiting the funeral for the fallen in order to oversee preparations on the Golden Armada, Vorazun considered pushing for the Nerazim's withdraw from the Golden Armada.[2]

NerazimTransport2 SC2LotVGame

Nerazim transports escape to the Spear of Adun

After Amon sent his brood through the warp gate linking Aiur to Shakuras, the broods attacked Talematros, and blocked the city's launch bays with creep, preventing the transports from escaping. Hierarch Artanis arrived with a contingent of forces not under Amon's control, and cleared the infestation blocking the launch bays while preventing the warp conduit's destruction from marauding void thrashers. The assault was successful, and the Nerazim were able to evacuate the city via transports to the Spear of Adun.[1]

Game Unit

Nerazim transports appear during the mission Amon's Reach in the Legacy of the Void campaign. They spawn indefinably from cleared launch bays and fly toward the warp conduit. While they are targetable and able to be attacked, they are invincible.[1]


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