NewAndasar SC2-NCO Art1

The ruins of New Andasar

New Andasar is a city on Antiga Prime. It was one of the cities populated after the Terran Dominion recolonized the world after its purification during the Great War. It contained the New Andasar Subway as a public transit system, and bought the padball team the Einkorns to represent them.[1]


NewAndasar SC2-NCO Game1

New Andasar, before the zerg attack

Years after the End War, ghost agents Nova Terra and Stone were assigned to the Defenders of Man by the Terran Dominion. There they were given orders to plant anti-zerg devices around the city, but were not to be seen as to not alert the population. However, they soon figured out that they were not anti-zerg devices, but rather psi-emitters. They figured out too late however, as feral zerg invaded the city, and they were captured by the Defenders of Man.[1]

The city was overrun, and the Dominion was slow to provide relief effort. Admiral Matt Horner reported that it was an isolated incident, and that the Terran Dominion was doing all it could to address the situation.[2] The planet was overrun by feral zerg.[1] However, the city was abandoned to the feral zerg.

NewAndasar SC2-NCO Game2

New Andasar, after the zerg attack

Later, Nova returned to the city, having been mind wiped by the Defenders of Man, but having obtained terrazine to undo the mind wipes. She wandered through the city as her Covert Ops Crew fought off the feral zerg, using microdoses of terrazine to recover her memories of her operation at New Andasar. During the operation, Reigel noted a plasma buildup near the city docks. Nova was able to recover her memories, and obtained mission files from her operations with the Defenders, as well as discover the leader of the Defenders of Man, General Carolina Davis.[1]

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New Andasar is possibly related to Andasar City, a city on Antiga Prime that existed before the planet's glassing.


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