New Folsom Prison

New Folsom Prison is a notorious former Terran Confederacy 'gulag', based on New Folsom, now run by the Terran Dominion. Main prison blocks are situated on oil-rig type platforms inside a giant volcano caldera.[1]


New Folsom was originally viewed by the Terran Confederacy as a source of catalytic elements for the production of neosteel. However, the planet was so deadly it took four attempts to construct a mine, called the New Folsom Confederate Mine, using a flexible platform to adjust to the planet's shifting crust.

Shortly thereafter, the same elements were discovered in the considerably safer Sara System. The expensive mine was repurposed into the New Folsom prison. The planet itself prevented escape, and only a minimal number of guards and robots were needed. The prisoners were forced to mine the catalytic elements... at a cheap cost for the government.

Many Korhalians were imprisoned by the Confederacy. When it fell, the Terran Dominion took control of the planet and used the prison for the same purposes.[2]

The Dominion used prisoners culled from the population as guinea pigs in an experimental cybernetic warrior program at its research facility on Tyrador III. The program was at least temporarily disrupted by rebelling scientist Egon Stetmann.[3]

At the outbreak of the Second Great War, Jim Raynor believed no one had escaped from the prison in 50 years.[4] Tychus Findlay, a former convict, claimed to have made a successful escape.[5]

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Plot branch : The Raiders help Gabriel Tosh stage a prison break

During the war, Raynor's Raiders helped Gabriel Tosh, a vehemently anti-Dominion spectre, to free prisoners from New Folsom. Specifically, he tried to free several imprisoned spectres, to help him in his goal of taking down Arcturus Mengsk. Although the prison guards were tipped off by Nova, the prisoners were freed.[6]

Plot branch ends here

Known Inmates

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Folsom State Prison is a penitentiary in California, United States. It was one of the first maximum security prisons.


There is a easter egg of Jim Raynor and Zeratul in two prison cells.


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