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Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan engages the protoss

"Ready to go back to New Gettysburg? It swarm weather!"

New Gettysburg was the name of the central district of Tarsonis City.[1] It had its own train station.[2]


The zerg set up their primary hive in New Gettysburg during their invasion of Tarsonis. When the Koprulu Expeditionary Force arrived, Executor Tassadar deployed ground forces there to engage them. However, a Sons of Korhal strike force under Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan stopped Tassadar's interference. The zerg then advanced on Kerrigan's position and she called for immediate evac, but was abandoned by Arcturus Mengsk.[3] Captain Jim Raynor arrived to save Kerrigan, but no trace of her remained.[4][5]

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A hydralisk in New Gettysburg

By the end of the battle, New Gettysburg had been reduced to a wreck. Its skyscrapers had fallen, vehicles and bodies littered the streets, adjacent farmland had been set ablaze[6] and even the surface of its once majestic lake had been turned to glass by the heat of protoss landing craft. By the time the zerg departed from the world, scant few individuals remained within the city, most having given in to madness or fear.[7]


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Welcome to New Gettysburg

The events of the Battle of New Gettysburg appear in the district in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty[8] whereas it had appeared as a space platform in the mission in StarCraft.[3]

New Gettysburg is featured in Operation Silent Scream, a disabled mission, as a ground-based city. It is not known if both the district and station bore the name, or if Blizzard liked the name enough to "rescue" it after Operation Silent Scream was removed.

The name Gettysburg is often misspelled "Gettysberg" in the StarCraft universe.


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