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New Gettysburg was the name of a space platform over Tarsonis.


When the zerg invaded Tarsonis, New Gettysburg space platform became the site of their primary hive from which they launched attacks on the Confederate forces. However, a protoss force sent by Executor Tassadar threatened to divert the zerg from these attacks, potentially allowing the Confederates to escape. To prevent this, Sons of Korhal leader Arcturus Mengsk dispatched Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan to keep the protoss at bay so that the zerg could continue their attacks unabated.[1]

The result was a three-way battle, the sides shifting constantly. However, the terrans suffered from a lack of troops and the protoss from having to unexpectedly divert their attention between the zerg and the Sons of Korhal forces attacking them.[2] In the end, the terrans managed to force the protoss to retreat. However, this coincided with the zerg bearing down on their position.[1]

In the wake of the new advance, it became a case of every human for himself in some cases, sworn enemies banding together in others. In the end, although some SOK and Confederate forces were able to be evacuated from the battlefield, a Sons of Korhal task force, Sarah Kerrigan included, were lost to the zerg.[3]

Game MapEdit

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The events of the Battle of New Gettysburg appear in the city of the same name in Liberty's Crusade and in StarCraft II material.[4]

The name Gettysburg is often misspelled "Gettysberg" in the StarCraft universe.


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