New Sydney is a fringe world[1] planet far from the center of power of the Terran Dominion.[2]

The planet is barren with deserts and badlands.[1] Factories may employ the poor and child labor under unhealthy conditions.[3] Prostitution is illegal, but may be tolerated as a form of entertainment.[1]


During the Guild Wars, the settlement of Pitt Town was destroyed in the fighting.[1]

For the five years leading up to 2494, criminal duo Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor roamed the area around Red Mesa, committing a series of train robberies and other crimes before finally being forced off-planet by the Screaming Skulls and bounty hunter Ezekiel Daun.[1]

New Sydney was the site of a disaster, implied to have been a zerg attack, seemingly shortly after the creation of the Terran Dominion.[3] (The disaster was discussed in 2501.)[4]

By 2503,[5] the planet was the site of an advanced munitions factory. The factory was captured by a cell of the Koprulu Liberation Front but was recaptured by Dominion agent Nova.[2]

During the Second Great War or End War, the zerg had a presence on the planet, specifically in Northwoods Forest. Dominion marine and reaper forces entered the forest to flush the zerg out.[6]

Known LocationsEdit


  • Dominion hospital[7]
  • Dominion munitions factory[2]




Sydney is a city in Australia.


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