Noranda Glacier is a thousands of meters thick sheet of blue ice found on the world of Onuru Sigma. The ice is so unstable siege tanks cannot cross it, for fear they might fall into a crevasse.

Opposite the glacier is a three killometer deep meteor crater which was formed thousands of years ago. The crater is split by a fault line which lies thirty kilometers over a very large deposit of vespene gas, which is contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. The large quantities of gas which can be extracted from underneath the glacier, however, makes extracting the vespene economically viable, although the mixture of gases and shifting ice made harvesting the vespene hazardous. The crater is also the site of a strange ruined city consisting of jagged spires of dark, crystal-veined stone seemingly not built by terrans.

In 2485, the glacier was the site of a battle between the Kel-Morian Combine and Terran Confederacy units drawn from Alpha Squadron (the detachment led by Captain Edmund Duke) and the Dominion section, led by Captain Arcturus Mengsk. The Confederates were ambushed and responded by destroying the complex before large numbers of Kel-Morian ships and troops arrived at the scene of battle, forcing a Confederate withdrawal. This battle marked the first conflict of the Guild Wars.


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