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Nova SC-G Head1

Nova's portrait

Nova Terra was the player character in StarCraft: Ghost.

In the campaign, she was sometimes guided by General Horace Warfield.[1] At some point in the game's storyline, she would come to choose between loyalties to Arcturus Mengsk and Colonel Jackson Hauler.[2]


Nova's appearance shifted from "realistic" to a more "anime-ish" look when Swingin' Ape Studios was purchased by Blizzard and their console design teams were merged. Concept art also depicted her in Nerazim gear.[3]


General Combat AbilitiesEdit

Nova was capable of a wide variety of combat moves, including climbing and sliding down ziplines.[4] Nova could also kill silently by sneaking up on an opponent,[5] and could use techniques such as "dangle snipe" (in which she hung from a pipe with her legs and snipes an opponent).[6] She could inflict a deathblow on a downed opponent.[7]

Psionic AbilitiesEdit

Nova's psionic abilities included cloaking, psionic sight (which enabled her to see heat signatures) and psionic speed (which quadrupled her speed).[8] She could also use psi blast (knock down opponents surrounding her) and psi stun (stun an opponent by touch).[7]


Psyblade SC-G Game2

Nova using a psyblade

Nova typically carried an AGR-14 assault rifle and a sniper rifle, and sometimes uses the E-11 lockdown device; however, she could use nearly any terran weapon that she could pick up such as the Perdition flamethrower, C-14 rifle and Torrent SR-8 shotgun.[9] Her canister rifle could be outfitted with various canisters that would change her abilities.[10]

Nova could use a variety of grenades, like other ghosts.[11][12] She also had access to spider mines.[10]

Nova could also use the psyblade as a melee weapon. It is designed from a combination of terran and protoss technology.[13]


Nova had the ability to "call for help"; she had at least six calldowns; Identify, Irradiate, EMP Burst, Arclite (which directs attacks from a powerful siege tank), Yamato Cannon, and the ever-popular nuke.[14]


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