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The November is the personal starship of wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian. So named after November Terra, it is at least partially constructed out of neosteel. Its interior is cramped, but functional.[1]

In 2503,[2][3][4] the ship transported Kelerchian to Altara as part of his mission to locate a missing ghost. It crash landed, knocking Kelerchian unconscious. While on the surface, it came under assault by the zerg. However, Nova Terra herself removed the critters and gained access to the starship, treating Kelerchian's injuries. After the battle, the ship was recovered, the only significant repair needed being the installment of a new engine.

After the spectre assault on Korhal Palace and Nova Terra was debriefed aboard the Palatine, Nova and Kelerchian met aboard the November to discuss their next move. They discussed a connection between the spectres and the Umojan Protectorate, and Nova began to realize the inert romantic feelings she had for Kelerchian. However, the November had been sabotaged by Colonel Jackson Hauler of Nova Squadron, secretly General Cole Bennett of the spectre rebellion. He released a gas into the ship that knocked out the two, and took the ship to Gehenna Station, with Nova aboard the Palatine.

Nova broke out of her restraints however, and arrived at the November, launching it from the Palatine. Bennett sent a group of vikings to retrieve it, believing Nova to have attempted to escape using the ship. In reality, Nova used the opportunity to slip into Gehenna Station while the spectres were distracted.

After Nova killed Bennett and retrieved Kelerchian, the two boarded the November, and escaped Gehenna Station as Spaulding destroyed it with a nuclear missile. Nova then asked Kelerchian to take the November to Altara, in order to find a psionically girl named Lila she discovered on her initial investigation of the planet.[1]


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