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Nydus Canal SC-G Cncpt1

The interior of a nydus canal

The zerg nydus canal was a structure whose exact origin is unknown, and the exact process of its operation is a mystery. Of what is known however, the canal serves as a quick transport link from one location to another.[1] Nydus canals came to be replaced by nydus worms.[2]

Game Structure

The canal needs two anchoring points, entrance and exit nodes, but once both have been set down, the zerg forces can travel both ways. Only one zerg ground unit can be transported at a time, but the process is quick and a large force can travel through in a matter of seconds. The nydus canal also has the interesting ability of being able to place its exit node on the creep of any zerg colony, friendly or not, which can allow a player to secretly start building a nydus canal in an enemy base. If successful this player can mass his units at will into the opposing player's base. If one node of a Nydus Canal is destroyed, the connecting Nydus Canal is automatically destroyed as well.


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft which is no longer valid.

Earlier in development, the nydus canal was named "nydus tunnel" and "nydus pit."[3]

The nydus canal's sprite was initially based on the concept artwork of the nydus canal's interior.[4] After the nydus canal's sprite changed during development, the previous sprite may have been modified into that of the sunken colony.


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