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The nydus network is a zerg structure in StarCraft II. It enables access to the "nydus system."


The nydus network is a nest-like structure, made available to a zerg colony once it has upgraded into a lair. It spawns nydus worms, and it is inside these structures that the worms dwell.[1] It directs peristaltic motion and chemical stimuli to the worms as a form of control, and provides nourishment for the worms.[2] Nydus networks evolved from a combination of nydus canals and the will of broodmothers to gain a surprise attack option. When activated by chemical stimuli, nydus networks form tunnels underground across the battlefield.[3]

Game Structure[]

The nydus network is a nest-like structure that is available to a zerg colony once it upgrades into a lair. Once built, nydus networks can begin spawning nydus worms.

Wings of Liberty[]

SC2 Nydus Worm Icon.jpg
Summon Nydus Worm

A nydus network can create multiple nydus worms at any point visible to the player. The worm spawns creep when it emerges. The nydus worm gains 3 armor as it emerges.

Hotkey N
Cost 75 Minerals 75 Vespene gas 14 seconds
Cooldown 14 seconds

The nydus network creates nydus worms. All networks and worms are accessed and connected through the user interface. Units within the nydus system may not be attacked or harmed.

Allied units, air units and mobile crawlers cannot enter the system.

The network may transport as many units as are selectable (up to 255 in patch 1.1). Units enter and exit in a queue. Only the first several units are visible from the interface.

A network's rally point orders exiting units to attack-move to the rally point.

The system persists unless all networks and worms are destroyed, in which case all units being transported are lost.

Allied units cannot enter the nydus network.

Heart of the Swarm[]

A variant of the nydus network can be found in the game files for Heart of the Swarm. It has three abilities; summon nydus destroyer, summon creep tower, and summon greater nydus worm.

Co-op Missions[]

Kerrigan and Abathur have access to nydus networks in Co-op Missions. After reaching level 8, Kerrigan nydus network is upgraded to omega network, and this also affect Abathur's nydus network if he's Kerrigan partner.


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The former nydus warrens

The network used to be called the "nydus warren". The warren was needed to build and research abilities for the infestor.[4] This function was moved to the infestor pit.[5] The queen's nest model from StarCraft was used as a placeholder for the nydus warren.[6]

Allies were once able to enter another player's nydus network, even from other races, though allied zerg networks would not be linked.[7]

Patch 4.7.1 decreased the cost of nydus networks from 150 minerals and 200 gas to 150 minerals and gas.

Known Nydus Networks[]



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