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NydusNetwork SC2 Game1

The bowels of the network

The Char nydus network was a vast nydus network system beneath Char maintained by the Queen of Blades by the Second Great War. Within the network, the zerg kept a number of terrans for infestation, as well as a large amount of eggs.

Key to its defense was a huge queen.


Following the landing on Char, the combined Raynor's Raiders/Terran Dominion forces, under Commander Jim Raynor and General Horace Warfield, had to decide on a way to weaken the Zerg Swarm defenses before they made their final assault on the primary hive cluster.

Tychus Findlay suggested destroying the network. Warfield disagreed, suggesting an assault on a space platform orbiting Char where most of Kerrigan's fliers nested.[1]

Plot branch : Raynor's Raiders attacked beneath Char
Main article: Belly of the Beast
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The Raiders in the network

Raynor decided to attack the nydus network. Warfield offered elite soldiers but Raynor refused, knowing he would need a tight squad. Warfield also requested that Raynor save several soldiers who fled into the network during the landing. Raynor, Findlay, Chief Engineer Rory Swann and scientist Egon Stetmann descended into the tunnels, fighting their way past hordes of zerg so they could plant seismic charges which would eventually flood the system with lava, destroying it. They were forced to destroy the giant queen, then flee as the lava rose.[1]

Plot branch ends here



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