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"One hell of a town they got there, let me tell you. Full of addicts, criminals, and worse."

Oasis is the sole major town of Altara. It is somewhat lawless, its residents forced to watch their backs lest they find a knife in them. Its layout includes shanties, narrow streets and a tavern.[1]

In the 2500s, terrazine was discovered on Oasis, and a team of renegade spectres were sent to harvest it. Ghost agent Kath Toom was sent to investigate the area for potential United Earth Directorate remnants, but was captured by the spectres. Wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian was sent to investigate her disappearance, but the Terran Dominion lost contact with him in Oasis.[1]

In 2503,[2][3][4] Altara's terrazine refinery erupted, drawing a sizeable force of zerg to the planet. The Terran Dominion, officially unaware of the gas's existence, sent Nova Squadron and Agent Nova Terra to scout the area for the supposed UED pocket and find the missing wrangler. Nova Squadron eventually managed to cull the zerg on the planet, with Nova finding Kelerchian and supporting Nova Squadron's withdraw with a mind blast that destroyed the surrounding zerg.[1]

Altara and Oasis survived, but this clued the Dominion into the existence of the rogue spectre agents, and the Dominion brought in ghost agents to investigate. Oasis's citizens were subject to questioning (both vocal and telepathic) lead by Nova Terra, but didn't offer anything useful for the most part. However, Nova did discovered an orphan psionic child named Lila, whose powers of precognition told her of a Project Shadowblade, but the nature of what exactly that was remained unknown to her. Nova also discovered a Umojan Protectorate spy on the planet, but no sign of the supposed UED terror cell.[1]


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