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Oasis was a small settlement on Mar Sara.


Oasis was a small settlement situated in a deep impact crater, the Basin. It was separated from the nearby outpost of Scenic by the Stonewall Peaks and Molly's Nipple.

It was an old pumping settlement with multiple pumping stations and wells. Scenic maintained the upper pumping station for the aqueduct pipes coming up from Oasis. The aqueducts supplied an open expanse of hydrofarms near it.

Most of the settlers lived in modular homes. The town also had a supply-landing pad, hangars and warehouses. A three-story administration office was located in the center of the settlement.


Oasis was attacked by the zerg in the opening period of the Great War, and the settlement depopulated. Confederate marines counter-attacked through Oasis en route to Scenic, and intelligence believed the zerg presence in Oasis was reduced to a minimum. The remains of fallen terran troops were expediently abandoned during the withdrawal.

Later, the 417th Confederate Marine Corps Platoon was assigned to search the now-abandoned settlement for a mysterious object. During the search, they discovered the item, along with engineer Merdith Jernic, but were attacked by swarms of zerg. The platoon fled up the peaks to Scenic. However, much of the platoon was killed by the zerg, and others were killed when the town was struck by an unannounced nuke. The survivors made it to Scenic, but found themselves abandoned on Mar Sara.


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