Oblivion constructs are NPC structures in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


When the Terran Dominion, Daelaam, and Zerg Swarm took up assault positions around Amon within the void, he deployed numerous constructs of void energy to combat them. The oblivion constructs were one such construct.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Oblivion constructs spawn around the map, usually when the player is attacking a void chasm or void crystal. They launch orbs of energy at a target point, stunning all units hit by it for five seconds and dealing five damage every half-second while they are stunned. The target point is marked with a cursor, so the player can avoid the projectile simply.

More concerning than the oblivion construct's attacks is that they will heal other nearby constructs and void crystals, at a rate of one hundred HP every few seconds. For this reason, the player should prioritize their destruction over other nearby constructs.