"This unarmed observation drone looks precisely like what it is: an eye in the sky. Deployed to scout unexplored terrain or enemy territory, the observer serves as an invaluable tactical reconnaissance tool for protoss commanders. Heads-up knowledge of enemy movements and logistics often proves to be the difference-maker in an otherwise evenly balanced encounter."

The observer is a small, stealthy robotic protoss reconnaissance unit.


Observer SC1 Art1

An observer during the Great War

The observer is a small aerospace drone used to survey space and record events for analysis in protoss archives.[1][2] The observer's primary means of locomotion is a discrete thruster that creates a gravity field, while energy-sheathed "fins" manipulate said field to generate lift and propulsion. Without modifications, the observer can adequately travel from one point to another, but is hard pressed to outrun pursuers—unless outfitted with a set of gravitic boosters.[3] Older observers had a different stabilizer configuring that, while equally effective, gave a more imposing aspect, and some phase-smiths stated this older configuration improved performance.[4]

Observers are fragile craft, and possess very little armor. Their speed and cloaking abilities give them a measure of survivability, but if detected, observers are usually an easy kill unless they withdraw quickly.[5]

Observer SC2 Art2

An observer approaches a world

Observers may be equipped for warp space travel and deployed for deep-space exploration.[6] Units used for this purpose often lack defensive systems.[2] They may re-enter real space within planetary atmospheres and transmit data in real-time over interstellar distances. In addition observers may drop navigational beacons as homing devices.[6]

ForgedObserver SC2SkinImage

A Tal'darim observer

By 2506, observers were in use by the Tal'darim.[7] The most cunning ascendants make extensive use of observers to spy on Slayn's enemies, or on each other.[4]

After their activation, the Purifiers especially prized their observers, which soon became a favored construct of Talandar.[8]


Observer SC1 Art2

An observer

The complex but sensitive sensor[2] matrix[3] is power intensive,[2] but can collect massive amounts of data in a short amount of time. The critical data gathered by observers has turned the tide of battle numerous times.[4]

The observer may detect cloaked and concealed objects.[2] This includes burrowers and all types of camouflage or stealth systems.[3] It is sophisticated enough to even detect zerg spores within terrans.[9][10] It is comprised of complex arrays of self-focusing lenses, powered by psionic lattices, which allow the observer to analyze the battlefield from its vantage point in the sky.[3] A sensor array upgrade significantly increases the observer's sight range and sensitivity.[5] These properties make the observer a valuable auxiliary on the battlefield.[2]


Observer SC2 Art1

The current observer design

Observers intended for combat zones are equipped with a defensive micro-cloaking field. The sensor signature of the drone reduces the field's power requirement and allows the cloak to be maintained for extended periods[2] with little drain to its power core.[11] The field renders them invisible to all but the most advanced of detection technology. Its stealth capabilities are enhanced by its hull, which is fashioned out of a buoyant material that refracts light and masks its diminutive energy signature.[3]

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Observer SC-G Game1

An observer in Ghost

Observers were to appear in StarCraft: Ghost[12]

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Observer SC2 DevRend1

An observer



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