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Foreman Oleg Benson was a Kel-Morian Combine ripper commander who served in the Guild Wars under the command of Overseer Scaggs. He was based at Turaxis II, a planet split between the Combine and the Terran Confederacy. He was a very careful operator, preferring not to take chances.[1]


In an attempt to turn back advancing Confederate forces, Benson was ordered by Overseer Scaggs to take a force of rippers into the Raffin Brothers Mine and wait for an opportune time to strike at the nearby Fort Howe. Benson's troops would capture a landing zone, enabling several landing ships to drop troops into the fort and achieve victory.

Benson led an attack against the base's armory, a logical target. Scaggs not only approved but insisted upon looting. However, Benson's attack was foiled by bad luck. He was confronted with a barely-prepared squad led by Tychus Findlay, who had rushed to the armory expecting it to be attacked. Findlay rifle-butted Benson to death. The landers were also shot down, resulting in a victory for the Confederacy.[1]


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