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Omega Squadron (also known as the Death's Head Legion), was one of the squadrons of the Terran Confederacy, originally stationed at Dylar IV[1]. Consisting of multiple divisions[2], it was renowned throughout Confederate space for its unrelenting savagery in battle, and as such only called upon to avert extremely severe crisis situations. Most of the Squadron was composed of criminals who had undergone neural resocialization. Its color is black[1], but it appears brown in StarCraft.[3]


Early Actions[]

Omega Squadron's early actions remain mostly unrevealed, although it is known that it achieved an "epic" victory over the planet of Tal Qirat.[1]

Fall of the Confederacy[]

Omega Squadron troops were stationed on the central space platform of Tarsonis alongside Delta Squadron. In 2500, they defended the platform against the Sons of Korhal but were eventually defeated[3]. Elements of Omega Squadron also fought against the rebels in the streets of Tarsonis City and were also defeated.[4]

At least one Omega Squadron detachment survived on Tarsonis following the fall of the Confederacy, only to be finally eradicated by the zerg.[5]

New Allegiance[]

Omega Squadron insignia on a Terran Dominion uniform

Despite their neural resocialization, some members of Omega Squadron, such as Gui Montag, joined the Terran Dominion[6]. "Death's Head" troopers (as part of the Terran Dominion) took part in battle against the zerg on Artika. The Squadron managed to inflict heavy losses to the zerg in the battle to capture the xel'naga temple there but lost the battle itself as a courtesy of the arrival of a massive protoss force catching the Squadron off-guard. The protoss eventually won the battle, but at great cost.[7]

Known Units[]

Known Members[]


An Omega Squadron t-shirt

  • Although Omega Squadron's color is listed as black, its in-game color is brown. This is possibly because black would not show up on the mini-map well.
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  • Omega Squadron marines wearing Terran Dominion red with Omega Squadron insignias were observed in an operation on Mar Sara[8]. The model used for Jackson Hauler/Horace Warfield had Omega Squadron's insignia on its sleeve. In early builds, Hauler would have been part of Omega Squadron rather than Nova Squadron.[9]


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