The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

"They're a swarm of angry Zerg, they’re headed right this way, and you’re all we’ve got. Good luck."

The Omega Swarm (also spelled Omegaswarm) was a rogue zerg brood.


The Omega Swarm was initially under the control of the United Earth Directorate on Braxis.[1] The brood was subjected to controls, with armor welded into their carapaces.[2] After the destruction of the psi disrupter, the zerg turned on their former masters, prompting a group of soldiers to fight their way to an extraction point.[1]

Sometime later, the Omega Swarm attacked Deadman's Port.[3] Mira Han enlisted the aid of a group of heroes to hold the fortifications against the zerg while she charged up her psi disrupter.[4] The defense was successful, and the pulse sent out by the psi disrupter wiped out the attacking zerg.[5]


The Omega Swarm was encountered in the Escape from Braxis brawl in Heroes of the Storm. The Swarm consists of the zerg minions encountered in Braxis Holdout, along with numerous heroes that are presented as being part of the Swarm, including Alexei Stukov, "Primal Diablo, and Stitches. Zerg spawned by Zagara are also presented as NPC enemies.

The Omega Swarm reappeared in the Deadman's Stand brawl. Zerg minions are again re-used, along with the presence of zerg structures, the anub'alisk (and the same infested heroes), and infested archangels.


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