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Operation CWAL (Can't Wait Any Longer) is a group of Blizzard Entertainment fans that formed after the company repeatedly pushed back the StarCraft release date beyond December 1997.

Composed primarily of impatient fans interested in the game, CWAL contributed to the Blizzard community through works of fiction on the forums in which StarCraft was completed but it was being held up in an evil plot by Blizzard Entertainment's management, which was bent on world domination, with CWAL being an organization attempting to liberate the StarCraft CD.

Operation CWAL on the 20th anniversary art piece.

Blizzard mentions Operation CWAL in the Special Thanks section of the StarCraft manual. The in-game cheat "operation cwal" rapidly increases the rate of unit production.

On the Co-op Missions map "Miner Evacuation," Debra Greene has a quote of "got a ship that can't wait any longer," a likely reference to CWAL.

In the art for the StarCraft 20th anniversary celebration, "CWAL" appears on the camera in the top right of the image.

Operation CWAL had presence as a guild in the Blizzard Entertainment game, World of Warcraft, though the guild has since become inactive.


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