The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

The oracle uses a modified star relic model, due to the art team's fondness for the cut unit. The oracle originally had a gold and blue color scheme, but switched to a Dark Templar color scheme when the tempest's color was changed from Nerazim-oriented color to gold, and the development team felt that one of the two new flying units should use the silver and green coloring.[1]


The oracle's Time Warp ability was moved to the mothership core in January 2013.[2]

The oracle's stasis ward ability could once be cast manually. However, the developers noticed players stacking the ability several times, and then manually detonating them over time to indefinitely leave units in stasis. The manual cast was removed, as Legacy of the Void is meant to grant constant combat.[3]

Cut AbilitiesEdit

Phase Shift: Phases out a unit for approximately 45 seconds, preventing it from attacking, using abilities, researching, or building[4] (cut by June, 2012).[5]

Cloak Field[5]

The cloak field affects "all nearby units, excluding oracles"[6]

Hotkey E[5]
Cost 100[6] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 60[6]Time SC2 Game1

Dustin Browder expressed concern about the cloaking ability during development, specifically how early its availability was.[7]

Revelation SC2 Icon1

Gives vision of hatcheries, but does not show what larvae are evolving into.[4] As the building now spots for a protoss player, it can provide vision for the long-range tempest attacks.[9]

Hotkey C[9]
Cost 50[10] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 1 minute[11]Time SC2 Game1

Pre-Ordain was removed in the Heart of the Swarm beta.[12]

Void Siphon
The ability has an energy cost of 50 and a range of 7. It is channeled against an enemy structure. Until canceled, it deals 3 damage and gives the player 3 minerals per second but does not subtract minerals from the enemy player.[13]

SC2 BosonicCore Icon
Bosonic Core[6]

Increases the oracle's starting energy by 25[6]

Purchased from Fleet beacon[11]
Hotkey A[11]
Cost 150[6] Minerals Terran SC1 150[6] Gas Terran SC1 90[6]Time SC2 Game1

Bosonic Core was removed during the beta.[12]

The oracle once possessed a Phase Shield, an area-of-effect defensive ability. The ability lasts 5 seconds. It removed and rendered units immune to these effects: Fungal Growth, Corruption, Contaminate, Graviton Beam, Concussive Shells, Abduct, Revelation, Vortex, and 250mm Strike Cannons. It removed the anti-cloaking effect of EMP but not the damage dealt. It would prevent a unit from being affected by Neural Parasite but would not remove the effect.[12] This ability was removed during development.[13]

Oracle HotS Game1

An oracle entombs minerals

SC2 Entomb icon

Encases minerals in an area of effect in a shell, making them unharvestable.[4] The shell has 130 HP[14] and can be destroyed on each mineral field.[4] The player whose workers cannot harvest receive a warning.[10] Static defenses will automatically attack the shells.[9]

Hotkey E[11]
Cost 75[15] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 60[15]Time SC2 Game1

Thie entomb ability was removed.[16]


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