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UE3255 and its host planet

Orbital Platform UE3255 is a floating city within the Umojan Protectorate. It orbits a Protectorate-colonized planet.

A wing of the platform has been reserved for the use of former Dominion senator Corbin Phash, whom the Protectorate made into a guest since his presence irritated the Dominion. (Phash's son was psychic, and Phash had gone to great lengths to keep him out of the Ghost Program, though that failed.)

It has various landing bays, which are designated alpha-numerically. Its interior possesses blast doors that activate in the event of a fire.[1]


After the Umojan Protectorate broke free from the Terran Dominion, the latter imposed an economic blockade on the former. The Protectorate ran food past the blockades, carrying items such as sealed livestock crates.

Colin Phash was housed there, and was given a wing for his own use. As per his request, visitors were to be kept away from it.

The Dominion tried to assassinate Phash by sending a ghost after him. However, Phash was able to evade the ghost. He used an SCV to drill a hole through the platform's side in his wing's cargo bay, sucking the ghost out into space.

After the incident, the Protectorate doubled Phash's security, but refused to retaliate for fear of Dominion reprisals on the station or the settled world below.[1]


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