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"There are always those who will follow fools, and there will always be fools ready to lead them."

- Orlana(src)

Orlana was a Grand Preserver that served on Aiur during the days of the Protoss Empire. Along with her sisters, it was her job to record the memories of those protoss connected to the Khala and use that knowledge to help guide Protoss decisions. She was the oldest sister of the three.[1]


Orlana was one of the Grand Preservers who bore witness to the tragedy that befell two protoss motherships as their khaydarin crystals failed and they were destroyed in a neutron star. Her sister, Rohana, decided to make it her goal to remove the chance random flaws bring down the Protoss Empire. Orlana was skeptical, but went along. Years Later, she helped her sisters in the creation of the first arkship, the saw its first launch. However, Judicator Mardonis revealed two more were in production, and asked how many more needed to be made. Orlana stated the Grand Preservers would need time to deliberate.

Orlana later advised a Protoss colonist leader who sought to colonize a planet with a temperature of 1.3 degrees above absolute zero. Calling the memories of a protoss explorer who died climbing a mountain, she stated that it was noble to take great risks and triumph against the elements, but that sacrificing others to this need to overcome adversity was foolish. The colonist leader ignored her, and the entire expedition was killed, with her noting there would be no shortage of fools who would follow fools.

Later, using Orlana's experience, Rohana concluded that it was in the protoss nature never to give up, and that the arkships had been constructed too soon and would be wasted when the protoss would run them into any adversity that would destroy them. Thus, Rohana presented her case to the Conclave that the arkships should be buried, and the Grand Preservers be put in stasis with them with them to aid the Firstborn in the end times. This was agreed on. Orlana was put into stasis aboard the Memory of Nezin.[1]

During the Fall of Aiur, the Memory of Nezin was destroyed, and Orlana was killed in stasis.[2]


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