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A science facility on Orna III was operated by the Terran Confederacy. It featured a number of test subjects that were used for research purposes in the fields of genetic splicing, brain modification, disease testing, and telepathic experimentation. Non-compliance was punished through torture.

The facility featured four holding areas and at least four landing areas.[1]


During the Great War, a Sons of Korhal force made an attack on the facility. The plan was to extract the test subjects and the scientists present who were at the facility against their will. They would be filtered from the willing researchers through Sarah Kerrigan's telepathy. In an opening move, Kerrigan posed as a Confederate ghost escorting "criminal" Jim Raynor (designated Convict 493) to the lead scientist. Their transport vessel had authorization to stay in orbit until Kerrigan was satisfied that all of the conditions for Raynor's induction as a test subject were met. In reality, the ship would direct Raynor and Kerrigan where to go using obtained blueprints of the facility.

The plan worked perfectly, as the pair made their way through the facility, killing/incapacitating the guards and immoral scientists, while rescuing the test subjects and researchers who were there involuntarily. As this went on, Kerrigan planted explosives throughout the base, an action she had undertaken through her own volition rather than Mengsk's. Heading to landing area 4 for waiting Son of Korhal dropships, Raynor and Kerrigan had rescued a total of 43 test subjects and 13 scientists. The last dropship made it out just before the explosives detonated, leaving the building a skeletal husk.[1]

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