Orry was a Kel-Morian Combine scavenger working on the salvage ship Magpie. She was secretly affiliated with sympathizers of the United Earth Directorate.[1]


Orry was a close and trusted colleague of Captain Nero Theban. She brought Kyra into their scavenger crew.[2]

After a string of dry runs, Orry and her fellow scavengers were gathered together by Captain Theban, who told them they were going to salvage a protoss ship in Terran Dominion space, a risky and illegal operation. When Theban offered double share for everyone who came with him, the entire crew volunteered to board the carrier, Orry included. Orry later met with Kyra and Theban, and the two asked Kyra if they could trust their newest hire, Caleb, with their UED affiliation.

The scavengers boarded the vessel, with Orry displaying hostility to Caleb for his lack of experience. Orry took a team, including Vince to investigate part of the ship, when she encountered a sealed door. Her team opened it, and were blinded by a bright light with movement in it. Orry tried to run away, and radioed Theban that they had encountered something, but she tripped on some debris. Whatever moved in the light then came upon her, slashing her and splattering her blood over the walls of the ship.[1]

After Orry's death, memories of her and the Magpie crew continued to haunt Caleb in his waking thoughts and nightmares.[3]


Orry appeared to hold a high position on the Magpie. She frequently spoke directly to Theban, and gave orders to Kyra and Caleb.[1]


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