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Patrick Kerrigan was the father of Sarah Kerrigan. He and his wife raised her on TarKossia.[1][2]

At a young age, Sarah Kerrigan's psychic powers manifested; she accidentally unleashed an attack which killed her mother and crippled the brain of her father. Patrick Kerrigan could say nothing but "I saw her head come apart".[1]

His daughter was conscripted into the Ghost Program, but refused to co-operate. Her trainer, Lieutenant Rumm, tried to coerce her by bringing her father into another room and threatening to inject him with cancer. However, Sarah Kerrigan still refused, threatening to use the power to kill herself and her father instead. For her defiance, she was implanted with a neuro-adjuster.[1] Patrick later died due to the trauma his daughter had inflicted on his brain.[2]


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