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Twin Perdition flamethrowers

The Perdition is a terran flamethrower.


The Perdition was the standard issue weapon of Koprulu Sector firebats by 2480.[1] The combusto-plasma fuel[2] is stored in containment fields but pose an explosive hazard if the fields are breached violently.[3] The plasma fuel easily seeps between gaps in zerg armor; smaller strains are literally cooked alive in their own skin.[2]

Marines and firebats are careful about utilizing perdition flamethrowers, and only do so when all squad members in the firing radius has fully functioning CMC Powered Combat Suits, as the backfire can lead to catching allies on fire.[4]


Scavenged flamethrowers were used for automated Perdition turret defenses.[5]

The Devil Dogs use an enhanced version of the weapon named the firestorm flamethrower,[6] as do Prometheus Company, the Terran Dominion's infestation specialists.[7]

A smaller version of the weapon, named the Perdition junior flamethrower, was in use by the Terran Dominion by 2511. It had an effective range of 30 meters, and could flash-fry a zerg at five to ten meters.[4]

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The United Earth Directorate's firebats used the C-140 flamethrower instead.[8]

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A powerful variant named the Brimstone Mk. 1 flamethrower was utilized by Miles "Blaze" Lewis during the End War. [9]

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Portable version of the flamethrower

Modes Spray
Range 25m
Reload 3.8s
Ammo Plasma[10]


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