Colonel Perkins is an officer in the Dominion Marine Corps who teaches as Styrling Memorial Officers Academy.[1]


Colonel Perkins was an officer of the Terran Dominion. He settled down to teach in the Styrling Memorial Officers Academy, where he considered himself to be a tough professor. He taught Shivani Singh, who he considered to be his brightest student.

Singh graduated from his class, and he personally congratulated her. He later helped her decide on her posting. While he tried to push Signh toward a low key political career on Korhal, Singh insisted that she wanted to be on the front lines. Reluctantly, Perkins assigned her to the world of Cavir on the demilitarized zone, but told her to keep in touch.[1]

Singh later contacted Perkins to inform him of the illegal miners on Cavir, and Perkins ordered her to remove them from the planet. However, resistance from the miners made this prove difficult, and Singh contacted Perkins again, asking for resources and support, including a wing of vikings, but due to the shaky situation of the Dominion resources were stretched thin, in part due to the Battle of Adena. He ordered her to use the resources she had available.[2]

Nearly three weeks later, Perkins got in touch with Singh again. The first thing he noticed was her facial injuries (the results of an attempted assassination). He threatened to tear Basch a new one, but Singh urged restraint, stating that she was trying to build trust with Pitcairn's commander. Perkins agreed to let her handle the situation, but stressed that the miners had to be evicted.[3]


The symbol on Perkins's desk is similar to that found around Vardona in Davis's compound, and the symbol on his computer screen is that of the Defenders of Man.


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