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Peter "Drawgoon" Lee is an environment and scenery artist for Blizzard Entertainment. He has done artwork for StarCraft, Warcraft, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm.


Growing up in Korea, the first Blizzard game Lee played was Warcraft II. A few years later, he was introduced to StarCraft. He bought the game after being introduced to it by his friends. However, he did not have his own PC at the time. Thus, every weekend he'd take the game to a friend's house, while reading the game's manual during the week. He became engrossed in the game's story by reading the manual, describing it as the game's "crown jewel." He told his friends that he wanted to work for Blizzard when he grew up. He ended up applying for a position in Blizzard, and gained work as an artist.



The Artist's Journey - Peter Lee, Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed on 2017-10-22

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