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Phaeton is a planet in the Koprulu sector.

It is located a considerable distance from the centers of protoss and terran civilization. Although it possesses breathable levels of oxygen, its mineral resources and drinkable water are significantly limited, making its harsh deserts inherently inhospitable. It has long stretches of sand and rocky, narrow canyons swirling with dust that provide ample hiding spaces for wildlife.[1]


Significant numbers of zerg occupied the dunes, assembling under the control of Broodmother Naktul. They were merely occasional threats to Phaeton's already beleaguered native fauna[1] until the Terran Dominion arrived. They drove some of Naktul's brood into caves and set up a Drakken pulse cannon with which to eliminate stragglers as they warped in from Research Station EB-103. After detecting the cannon, Sarah Kerrigan landed in the zerg hive cluster. Naktul sent her brood to Kerrigan, who was found by Dominion troops while they were en route. Kerrigan defended the hive cluster until Naktul arrived, at which point the zerg destroyed the cannon and the Dominion troops fled to their ships.[2] Kerrigan then departed.[3]

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