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A dragoon's phase disruptor

Phase disruptors are weapons of protoss design. They launch bolts of anti-particles through a psychically charged field. They were adapted to become a terran weapon.


Protoss VariantEdit

Phase disruptors were employed by dragoons, arbiters, and photon cannons. These weapons fired antimatter bolts sheathed in a psychically charged field. Photon cannons use similar weaponry. During the Great War, larger phase disruptor cannons were outfitted onto the arbiter.[1] By the beginning of the End War, arbiters were outfitted with a phase disruptor variant named the warpspace cannon.[2]

The dual phase disruptors used by immortals are an upgraded version of the weapon used by dragoons, firing antimatter bolts sheathed in pure energy. These blasts can easily punch large holes in heavy plating, but their limited field of fire prevents immortals from engaging aerial targets.[3]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

During the End War, the purifier Talandar possessed a solarite dragoon suit, which had a stronger version of the standard dragoon phase disruptor weapon. The purifier construct of Taldarin utilized a more powerful version of the phase disruptor named the graviton disruptor. His disruptors were also outfitted with phase disruptors.[4]

In the alternate timeline where Zeratul survived the early stages of the End War, xel'naga enforcers utilized phase disruptors modified with xel'naga technology.[5]

Known VariantsEdit

Terran VariantEdit

PhaseDisruptor TheKeep Comic1

Nova Terra setting up a terran phase disruptor

After the End War, a terran design to the phase disruptor was developed. It was a rifle with a tripod setup, and could disintegrate some of the toughest materials known to terrans. The principle functioned the same as the protoss variant.

Agent Nova Terra participated in the operation to recover a prototype for the Terran Dominion. This design was later used to break into the Keep, allowing Nova to break through the vault containing sensitive Terran Dominion documents.[6]


Phase disruptors are misspelled as "phase-disrupters" in the book StarCraft: Shadow of the Xel'Naga.[7]


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