Nova Terra in an phase reactor suit

The phase reactor suit is an experimental Terran Dominion hostile environment suit created for ghost agents. It was designed through tactical jump technology to approximate the protoss stalker's teleportation capabilities. Activating the device also generated a temporary cloaking field, an unintended but welcome development.[1] The suit was stolen by Nova from the Defenders of Man, but a prototype was also utilized by Stone.[2]

Game Effect[edit | edit source]

Nova Covert Ops[edit | edit source]

The phase reactor suit is a choice for Nova's suit slot in Nova Covert Ops after finding the experimental weapon in "In the Enemy's Shadow."[1]

Phasereactor SC2NCOGame.JPG
Phase Reactor Suit

Prototype teleportation suit. Adds +200 life, +1 armor, and +0.25 movement speed. Allows Nova to teleport to a nearby location. Nova is cloaked for 10 seconds after teleporting.

Blink: Teleports Nova to a nearby target location. Ability can be used once every 8 seconds. Nova is cloaked for 10 seconds after teleporting.

Hotkey C
Duration 10 seconds
Cooldown 8 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Obtain the experimental weapon in "In the Enemy's Shadow"

Co-op Missions[edit | edit source]

The phase reactor suit is available as an unlockable upgrade for Nova Terra in Co-op Missions at level 3. It allows her to go into "assault mode," equipping both the phase reactor suit and the hellfire shotgun. The phase reactor suit also allows Nova to blink, giving her a 200-point shield after she teleports. This ability can hold three charges.

Nova AC PhaseSuit SC2 Icon1.jpg
Phase Reactor Suit

Nova has increased movement speed (+30%).

Nova AC Blink SC2 Icon1.jpg

Nova teleports to a targeted location and gains a temporary 200 points shield. Can store up to 3 charges, recovers a charge every 8 seconds.

Hotkey E
Cooldown 8 seconds

Mastery: +3.34 shield health per Nova Primary Ability Improvement mastery point. Up to a maximum 300


References[edit | edit source]

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