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The pirate capital ship is a type of warship.


A pirate capital ship was used by the Kel-Morian Combine to lead their mining operations in an asteroid field. During a conflict between Raynor's Raiders and Mira's Mercs, the Raiders detected the Kel-Morians and attacked them, engaging the pirate capital ship and destroying it.[1]

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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

During Amon's assault on Korhal during the End War, the Kimeran Pirates dispatched two pirate capital ships to Augustgrad to pillage the city in the midst of the chaos. Corporal Faraday asked the allied commanders defending the city to destroy the ships.[2]

Game Unit[]

Heart of the Swarm[]

The pirate capital ship appears in the Heart of the Swarm mission "With Friends Like These..." where engaging it is an optional objective. The pirate capital ship can cloak, deploy squadrons of griffon fighters to aid it in battle, and release an electric field that disables the Hyperion and any nearby tac fighters for several seconds. Destroying the pirate ship equips the Hyperion with the generator.[1]


Blasts a target with a devastating plasma cannon, causing 300 damage.

Hotkey Y
Cost 3 seconds
Range 10
Cooldown 15 seconds
ElectricField SC2 Icon1.jpg
Electric Field

Sends out an electrical shockwave around the ship, disabling enemy mechanic units and structures for a short time.

Hotkey R
Range 7
Duration 3 seconds
Cooldown 15 seconds

Co-op Missions[]

Two Kimeran pirate capital ships appear in the mission "Rifts to Korhal" where they can be destroyed as a bonus objective. The ships can emit an electric pulse that stuns nearby enemy units for a time, and can use a Bombing Run ability to deal damage to all units in a line. Destroying the ships earns bonus experience.


Cerberus construction dock

The ship is called a "Cerberus" In the Map Editor. There is also a doodad of a normal ship and a docked version used in some multiplayer maps called a "Cerberus construction dock".[3]
A civilian ship based on the model also appears at Bennet Port and some multiplayer maps.


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