The planetary fortress is an upgrade to the terran command center.


The number of command centers deployed in combat zones drove the development of standard schematics to upgrade them into a dedicated military role. One variant was the planetary fortress.[1] The Ares planetary fortress entered service following the Brood War and featured twin Ibiks cannon and heavier armor.[2]

Structures similar to orbital commands and planetary fortresses were in use by the Kel-Morian Combine by 2502.[3]

Game StructureEdit

StarCraft IIEdit

Planetary fortresses are useful for defending exposed expansions. The Hi-Sec Auto Tracking upgrade allows an optimally placed fortress to hit targets beyond the mineral line.

The planetary fortress' splash damage does not affect friendly units. The fortress may not lift off, or be converted to a command center or orbital command.

A variant, called the mercenary fortress, can be found in the Galaxy Map Editor.[4]


SC2 Lab PlanetFortress Icon
Transform Command Center to Planetary Fortress

The command center can transform into an planetary fortress. The transformation is irreversible.

Hotkey P
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 36Time SC2 Game1 Command center
Upgrades and Abilities

Increases the attack range of automated defenses: missile turrets, auto-turrets, point defense drones, and the planetary fortress by +1.

Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey H
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 Gas Terran SC1 57Time SC2 Game1
BuildingArmor SC2 Game1
Neosteel Armor

Upgrades the armor of structures by 2. Increases the cargo space of bunkers by 2. Also provides extra cargo space for command centers and planetary fortresses.

Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey B
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 Gas Terran SC1 60Time SC2 Game1
SC2 Load-Unload icon
Load SCVs

The command center or planetary fortress may load and unload five SCV's. This may be done while a command center is in flight. The number of SCV's is increased to ten with Neosteel Frames.


Wings of LibertyEdit

In the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player campaign, access to planetary fortresses is unlocked via 10 zerg research points and at the cost of Perdition turrets.[5] Planetary fortresses must still be upgraded from existing command centers, unlike their orbital command counterparts.

SC2 Lab PlanetFortress Icon
Planetary Fortress

Enables command centers and orbital commands to transform into a planetary fortress.[5]

We can now outfit the command center with the twin Ibiks cannon and additional structure plating. Please note that this upgrade, nicknamed the planetary fortress, must be triggered after the command center has been built. Also note that a command center that has been upgraded to a planetary fortress can no longer lift off because the added weight is too much for the command center's atlas boosters.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 10 zerg research points

Command centers and planetary fortresses can build two SCVs at the same time.[6]

We now have the ability to train two SCVs simultaneously, allowing our early mineral and vespene production to ramp up twice as quickly. This breakthrough, made possibly by recent insights into protoss containment fields, should help us get a stronger foothold early in future missions.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 15 protoss research points


PlanetaryFortress SC2 DevGame1

An early image of the fortress

The planetary fortress used to be an independent structure enabled by the factory. In regards to command center variants, most work went into the fortress, with the results effectively being ported to the orbital command, which was designed later. It used to have lift off properties, but it was ultimately decided to keep it as a grounded structure.[7]

The planetary fortress originally had this upgrade, researched at an engineering bay:

Planetary Fortress Range

Increases the range of the planetary fortress' attack by +1.[8]

Purchased from Engineering bay[8]
Cost 100[8] Minerals Terran SC1 100[8] Gas Terran SC1 80[8]Time SC2 Game1

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Modified versions of planetary fortresses appear as the core structures on the Warhead Junction map of Heroes of the Storm.[9]


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