The platform power core was a piece of terran technology used by Moebius Corps.

History[edit | edit source]

During the End War, three of these power cores fueled the Moebius Corps base at Revanscar, where Amon's hybrid armies were being forged. When the Daelaam protoss attacked Revanscar, Hierarch Artanis instructed Phase-smith Karax to lead the assault on the facility, while the remaining protoss defended the Spear of Adun from Moebius Corps' counterattack. Karax determined that if they destroyed all three platform power cores, the entire facility would be crippled. Despite facing resistance from both Moebius Corps and the hybrid, Karax's forces destroyed the three power cores, taking the facility offline. Having repelled Moebius Corps' counterattack, the Spear of Adun fired on the facility, destroying it.[1]

Game Structure[edit | edit source]

Platform power cores are the objective of the mission "Templar's Charge." All three must be destroyed in order to complete the mission, and they are heavily fortified with Moebius Corps defenses.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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