The Players' Club was a terran pirate group.

History[edit | edit source]

Chanuk[edit | edit source]

Trevor Jacobs was originally an exterminator who worked for the Kel-Morian Combine, but upon his failure to acquire compensation for a cancer he had acquired during his services, he ended his Combine service. Not long after these events, Jacobs banded together with a bunch of thugs, a pirate group bent on plundering any and all targets of opportunity. This included Combine targets and around 2500, Dominion ones.

In February 2504, the group carried out its final mission. Jacobs was succumbing to his cancer and wanted to give the Combine a final poke in the eye before his death. Planning the operation with Philbin Gonsales, he had both Gonsales and Shoberg establish themselves as miners on the asteroid colony of Chanuk, claiming that they'd severed all ties with the Club. This was a lie and in fact, the pair (along with several others) had set charges in the asteroid's mining shafts, designed to destroy it. In addition, they sabotaged the Kel-Morian vessels to prevent any escape.

The Club had to deal with the arrival of a Dominion Marine Corps force however, wanting to put a dent in the group's operations. Dominion marauder Isaac White took things a step further, staying on the asteroid to disable the charges. Jacobs was killed and his plan was foiled.[1]

Dorian and Beta Saul[edit | edit source]

Zeus took command of the Players' Club after Jacobs's death. He would constantly clash with former Terran Dominion officer and later Moebius Corps commander Dorian. Each time Zeus would lose recruits but escape, and by the next time would have a new set.

On Beta Saul Zeus's pirates tried to ambush Dorian's Moebius team, the Brute Squad, but was instead forced to flee in a grizzly. He and Dorian taunted each other during the battle.[2]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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