Polek was a reaper trainee conscripted into Icehouse. He was a large man who bullied others to establish dominance.


Polek came from a troubled background, Warden Kejora assuming he must have brawled twice a week during his formative years. He was sent to Icehouse for reaper training.

Upon initially entering Icehouse, Polek targeted Gabriel Feltz as a weaker man, and would take his lunch food on a regular basis. When Gabriel became friends with The Lisk, he convinced Gabriel to stand up to Polek. One day after stealing his food, Gabirel stood up to Polek, and got two lucky hits in. Unfortunately for Gabriel, Polek, being much larger, managed to attack back and nearly killed him. Only the interference of Warden Kejora saved Gabriel's life.

Later, during the final exam, Polek was among those rallied by Gabriel when their food was drugged and predators attacked them. Though initially he questioned following Gabriel's orders, he fell in line, and survived the wave of mechanical zerg sent against them.


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