Polk's Pride is a canal city on Turaxis II. It is split into a northern and southern half by the Paddick River, which was crossed by seven bridges known as the "Seven Sisters". The city had a functioning train system, and spread out into suburbs around surrounding the main city.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During the Guild Wars it was the second-largest city on Turaxis II, with a population of four million. However, most of its population fled and became refugees due to the fighting.

The Terran Confederacy took control of the southern half, but were cut off from the northern half by the Paddick River. The Kel-Morians had destroyed all seven bridges.

The northern half was home to a strategic resources repository, used to fuel Kel-Morian factories north of the city. The repository sat on high ground and was protected by circular blast walls, dozens of missile turrets, goliaths and a squad of rippers, along with rear-echelon soldiers. Its ComSat station constantly swept the area. Interlopers had to contend with zig-zag paths which housed landings which the Kel-Morians placed gauss cannon emplacements on.

The Special Tactics and Missions Platoon after their victory at Polk's Pride

During the Guild Wars Polk's Pride fell into Kel-Morian hands. The Confederates tried three times to retake Polk's Pride. The first battle involved a massed infantry assault across the river, which was thrown back by the Kel-Morians and resulted in heavy Confederate casualties. The second attack involved putting floating pontoon bridge sections, but after one snagged on a ruined bridge Kel-Morian artillery and airstrikes warded away Confederate forces.

The third an final battle of Polk's Pride involved crossing the river with a massed force of resocialized marines while the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon took out specialized targets. Though the amount of casualties was high, the precision strikes from the platoon were able to weaken Kel-Morian defenses, armor and fortifications. Eventually, the Confederates were able to push into the city and uproot the Kel-Morians.

In the aftermath of the battle, Max Speer of UNN was able to take a picture of the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon at the eve of their victory. This became an important Confederate propaganda image for the war.[1]

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