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A power suit

The power suit is a type of protoss armor worn by zealots.



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Power suit schematics

The use of power suits stretches back to before the Discord.[1] Ornate in design, each suit is an individual work of art reverently crafted by the Khalai. As is tradition, every warrior must undergo rigorous training and trials before they are allowed to don the battlegear of their station.[2] The suit consists of a series of overlapping segmented shells providing flexibility and protection. The throat and back are left bare to allow for full movement.[3] A zealot wearing a power suit stands about a head taller than a terran wearing CMC armor.[4]

Support FunctionsEdit

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A power suit during the Great War

The suit is outfitted with a personal plasma shield generator, a vital signs monitor, and navigation tools.[2] Intelligent servos provide compression to reduce bleeding.[5] The suit may also be fitted with a crystalline respirator that is attached to the suit's collar.[6]

The suit enhances and channels the psionic powers of the wearer.[7] Psionic blades may manifest through bracers worn on the forearms.[8]

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Second Great War power suit design

At the end of a power suit's construction, psionically calibrated crystal matrices named warp stones are set on the armor's surface. High templar calibrate and infuse each one of these precious gemstones.[2] These matrices serve as teleportation devices, and when a protoss wearing one of these suits nears death, they disappear in a flash of bright light as the user seemingly disappears to a place of safety.[9] These mechanisms can also be activated manually.[10]

Other InformationEdit

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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

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Power suit during the Discord

The power suit is effective against small-arms. The suit may be configured to provide full life support in vacuum or hostile environments and nuclear/biological/chemical (NBC) shielding. A transceiver to communicate without telepathy may also be fitted.

A scaled down version, the light armor suit, may be worn by high templar.[11]


Zealot SC2 Rend2

A Zhakul zealot (render)

Power suits are pre-dominantly golden in color, even when team color is otherwise in multiplayer.[12] An exception exists for the Zhakul Guardians and the Tal'darim in Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, whose zealots are depicted wearing black armor.[13][14]


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