Precht was a young researcher working for the Moebius Foundation, but the most recent project, investigating a xel'naga structure at a barren world at KL-2, scared him into preparing to quit.

Precht was also spooked by Dr. Morrigan, a rumored telepath, due to her odd behavior, such as talking to herself. She surprised him as he was gossiping about these to Hassan, a fellow researcher.

Morrigan, ignoring his intention to quit, explained the true purpose of the structure they were studying. It was a prison, and the creature trapped within was able to communicate with her, teaching her how to build a psychic amplifier. With it, she could free the entity using her minimal psychic powers.

As she did so, the entity used its "conversion" ability, prompting Precht to scream "get out of my mind!" All of the researchers were either converted or killed, and the former were later killed off by Dark Templar.[2]


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