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Precognition, otherwise known as premonition and at times considered prophecy, is a type of psionic power that grants the ability to see into or at least gain glimpses of the future and/or its nature.



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A zealot's use of precognition

A few protoss are known to possess this ability, such as Tenarsis[1] and Khyar.[2] The preserver Zamara was able to peer into time and gain glimpses of the future.[3] Zealots are also able to use a limited form of precognition that allows them to predict enemy movements, allowing them to avoid enemy attacks.[4]


A number of terrans have displayed precog abilities—Octavia Bren had premonitions about what the future would bring in an emotional sense (a 'bad feeling')[5] while Delta Emblock had precognitive abilities made manifest in her dreams.[6] This ability allowed her to avoid being kidnapped by Project Shadowblade.[7]


At least some xel'naga possessed precognative abilities, indirectly predicting the events of the Great War[8] and recording another prophecy, stored in artifacts which were later discovered by the protoss adventurer, Zeratul.[9]


The Overmind, former master of the zerg, possessed methods of glimpsing the future,[10] based on it sharing images of Amon's plans when they were in contact.[11]

Kerrigan possessed such an ability as well, having a bad premonition at the end of the Brood War.[12]


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