The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

This article is about the canceled StarCraft II unit. For other uses, see Predator (disambig).

The Predator was a terran air unit to be featured in StarCraft II. It was canceled during development.[4]

It appeared to be analogous in unit balance to the Valkyrie frigate of StarCraft: Brood War. It fired multiple weapons, making it powerful against groups of weaker ships but weak against heavily-armored ships like the battlecruiser. The weapon was called Flurry.[3]

It was also to be the basic air combat unit for the terran faction. The Predator was constructed at the starport, and did not require any other research or further buildings to construct,[5] allowing it to take advantage of the reactor's additional build queue.

The Predator could only engage enemy air targets, and was incapable of attacking enemy ground troops.


Intercept ModeEdit

  • Starting ability?
  • Cost: 3 seconds
  • "Convert the Predator into Intercept Mode. In this mode it will attempt to shoot down incoming fire."[2]

The Predator was equipped with a point defense laser system which destroyed incoming enemy projectiles.[6]




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