Pridewater is a planet located in a fringe system. Featuring two major oceans[1] which seemingly make up the bulk of its surface,[2] it is abundant in several valuable and rare minerals.[1]

One less-than-complementary expression that was attributed to the planet was "bitching like a Pridewater fishwife."[3]


Colonized by 2480,[4] Pridewater was originally a colony of the Terran Confederacy, its economy dominated by the Kal-Bryant Mining Conglomerate, whose foremen secretly sided with Umoja during the Guild Wars. Two years after the war ended, they assisted the Sons of Korhal in their attack on the Ghost Academy of Tarsonis.[1]

For a period of ten years, the capitol of Pridewater was plagued by a string of murders from a man who gained the name "The Butcher of Pridewater," who would keep his victims alive for days before he killed them. The man was arrested and sent to the Confederate Marine Corps for resocialization.[5]

It seemingly escaped purification during the Great War[2] and became part of the Terran Dominion.[6][7]


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