The prismatic beam is the main armament of the void ray. It fires a focused beam of Void and Khala energy at a target, focused by a Void lens, a Nerazim trained to focus the energies.[1] It uses the energy of a prismatic core and filters it through multiple lenses to stabilize its energy output. A phase crystal then shapes the energy into a cohesive beam.[2]

To further enhance the vessel's combat capability, the Nerazim added three flux field projectors to amplify the beam. These projectors channel streams of unstable energy into the phase crystal, increasing the effectiveness of the prismatic beam against heavily armored targets.[3]

In 2506, the phase-smith Karax devised solarite lenses for the void ray based on studying the Spear of Adun. The lenses allowed void rays to fire their beams further than normal as long as their prismastic lenses remained properly aligned.[4]


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